Power Supply

  • On-site power plants with production capability of 670 megawatts for the provision of electricity to all factories in 304 Industrial Park
  • Prevention of power shortages with 24-hours emergency electricity supported by the Provincial Electricity Authority

Water Supply

  • Man-made reservoir with capacity of 40 million cubic meters, unlimited supply for large scale manufacturing and water intensive type of industry
  • Effective water management system with large water storage facilities for dry season
  • 2 Water filtration zones with tap water production capacity of 320,000 cubic meters/ day

Waste Water Treatment System

  • Effective Waste Water Treatment Plants with capacity 175,800 cubic meter per day
  • Zero-Discharge Water Treatment System with biological applications
  • Treated, recycled water used for green spaces to protect the surrounding environment from contamination.
  • Legally compliant waste management system developed with the cooperation of government organizations