Keep up with the AI world and technology that will transform the Thai industry.

Keep up with the AI world and technology
Artificial intelligence or AI that Thai people is known as artificial intelligence that has been developed to be intelligent, able to think, analyze and make decisions on their own by processing important information and the processing and application can be modified according to different situations. Currently, AI is one of the hot technologies that cause disruption in the industry. For example, the launch of the world's first AI news anchor robot and AI robots being developed in industrial parks where labor is required in the production in order to reduce the labor cost, overtime and other benefits that are the costs of the production.

What are some of the AI technologies?
Many people may not have noticed about the high-tech devices or tools that are used in everyday life, especially smartphones that have been developed with the introduction of AI, such as camera enhancements, facial recognition function, face scanning or voice typing, and much more is expected in the future. Driverless car systems are now being developed that can be used in real life, such as BMW inventing an automated parking system where the driver does not need to control the car. AI in the investment industry, such as using AI to help process orders or trade where investors simply enter a program or command into the rest of the system, the AI will act according to the information received. In addition, industrial estates, medicine and other construction and agriculture industries also have AI involved and working together.

Benefits of AI technology
First and foremost, for the benefits of AI is the execution of commands that everyone uses on a regular basis but may not notice is the use of search engines like Google. When we want to search for anything, just type in the text, Google will find it for us, or anyone who has a Facebook account and simply think of a product and a page which advertises that product will just pop up on your feed. It also helps in analyzing and evaluating whether customers who see the product decide to buy it or not.

After text search, Google has developed a visual search system and is now in use, or some smartphones that the user simply take a picture and press search, the system will link to Google to search through the picture immediately. In today's industrial parks, there is a smart farmer system that allows farmers to take care of their vegetable gardens with just their fingertips, whether it is watering, fertilizing, or anything else as needed by installing a sensor to measure soil and air humidity levels. When the soil and air humidity is lower than the set value, the AI will command the system to water or spray water to create moisture for the vegetable garden that is planted. Even traffic lights have AI to control and process them.

For AI that will help transform the industry in the country, it can be divided into many forms, such as:
  • Business Model Innovation, such as the production of computers to order (Build to Order) to reduce the cost of selling through retail stores.
  • Public Sector Innovation, such as providing government services with One Stop Service
  • Data Driven Innovation, such as bringing data to help you think, analyze and process for maximum benefit.
It also includes a prototype of smart factory system in some industrial estates where investors do not need to invest a lot of capital to build a new factory, just select the desired factory model and machinery, prepare the raw materials used in production, and the operation can begin immediately.