New platform, Thailand Pass, Welcome to the city with a country pass

The country’s official opening was announced by the government on November 1, 2021, with a change of registration from the former certificate of entry or COE system to the Thailand Pass system, aiming to reduce the process of operations and facilitate tourists and investors who come to travel in Thailand.

What is Thailand Pass?

Thailand pass is a system which both Thais and foreigners need to register for their travel to Thailand (only by air) with information on travel and health via website:, effective from November 1, 2021 onwards. The system is a collaboration by the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) to reduce procedures and documents in operations. Travelers have to register for a Thailand Pass ID (TPID) in the form of a QR Code, at least 7 days in advance of their travel dates. 

How to register for Thailand Pass?

Registration for Thailand Pass to receive a QR code can be directly performed via the website: Applicants are obliged to submit the registration at least 7 days in advance of their travel dates. After the successful approval of registration, a Thailand Pass ID (TPID) is obtained in the form of a QR Code.

How does a Thailand Pass ID work?

After receiving a Thailand Pass ID upon arrival at the airport, travelers have to show their Thailand Pass ID (QR CODE) in the form of Mobile App/Document to scan and undergo an RT-PCR test once again and verify information with the Ministry of Public Health’s officials before recording in the POE and forwarding to immigration officials to input information into the API Gateway system. Then, they can enter the country without quarantine. Thailand Pass ID can be used to show the right to enter hotels, restaurants, and various designated places.

Documents for registration of Thailand Pass
  • Passport 
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Proof of payment for a SHA + or ASQ hotel booking
  • Health insurance with a minimum coverage of $50,000 USD
  • Results of RT-PCR Covid-19 test, 72 hours before departure

Updated list of quarantine-free countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expanded the list of Test & Go countries (no need to quarantine with a Thailand Pass ID) to 63 countries from 46 originally authorized ones as follows:

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