Renewable energy as environmental salvation towards a sustainable industry

Renewable energy
Global warming is causing problems for many people and the environment, such as the forest fires which have hit international news, and is becoming more and more intense day by day. Wild animals, both small and large, are losing their homes. The polar ice caps are melting faster than ever resulting in higher sea levels. In some countries, there are increasingly severe cases of people affected by life-threatening heat stroke.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is never used up, such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower energy from dams, tree energy, rice husk energy, or agricultural waste as fuel to generate electricity, etc. In the past, the production and use of renewable energy had such high costs that there oil crises occurred many times. The government thus set a goal to use renewable energy in place of energy from oil to reduce the costs of producing and importing oil from abroad by focusing on renewable energy.

Type of renewable energy

In Thailand, the Energy Conservation Promotion Act, B.E. 1992 has brought about many ideas and inventions of renewable energy, such as:
  • Wind power
  • Hydropower from dams
  • Solar power
  • Heat energy from the circulating fluidized bed
  • Energy from plants as fuel 
  • Geothermal energy
All of these are clean energy with unlimited use, especially for heating energy from CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) which can burn many types of fuels through perfect combustion. So, it is possible for the control of nitrogen oxide emissions to prevent pollution. In addition, the ash from the combustion can be used for cement production.

How can renewable energy make sustainable industrial plants?

Most industrial plants consist of many large production machines which use electricity to produce a great number of products. If the factories are in a community with 1-phase electricity usage, these will affect the production process, except a permission from the Provincial Electricity Authority to use 3-phase electricity and a purchase of transformer for their own. If the electricity runs out in an area, it can also damage the production process. Nonetheless, there are finished factories in Industrial estates or industrial parks for rent or sale. Also, lands are sold to build industrial plants with complete utilities and facilities, so there are no worries about water supply or electricity shortages.

Where to invest in industrial parks or industrial estates with renewal energy?

304 Industrial Park  is in Prachinburi and Chachoengsao provinces, with a total land area of 20 km2 and 14–20 meters above sea level, so there are no concerns about flooding. There is also a standard centralized wastewater treatment system. Water after treatment is completely recycled for reuse, without being released to the public. Recently, it has joined hands with National Power Supply Public Company Limited (NPS), the leader of biomass power plants in Thailand for renewable energy, to study guidelines for establishing a company to manage Industrial Park 34, of which 304IP is a developer. NPS is a producer of basic utilities (electricity, steam, and industrial water) and distributes them to all industrial plant business entrepreneurs in the industrial park. Industrial Park 304 under the management of a new joint venture company as mentioned above will enhance the strategy to support industries for the environment by focusing on renewable energy. This will be in line with the direction of the Thai government and many countries around the world which try to move towards carbon neutrality, as well as provide additional services to entrepreneurs in various fields during the preparation of factory establishment and the operations. It is also an option for entrepreneurs under joint management, with the strategy that is ready to continuously meet the adequate needs of clean energy for customers and the operating policies that mainly consider the businesses and the needs of customers (Customer Centric). So, they become business partners and ready to grow in a sustainable way.

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