New S-Curve industry aiming to establish production base in industrial estate

New S-Curve industry aiming to establish production base in industrial estate
S Curve, a mathematical concept used in business, refers to the growth cycle of business in form of an S-shaped curve. With this concept, many businesses and industries are therefore constantly looking for new investment method along with searching for potential investment location in various industrial estates because when the business cycle reaches the end of S Curve, everything will begin to deteriorate, and new cycle must be started to continue increasing business opportunities.

S-Curve, business of the future, preparing to drop a pin on industrial estate in Thailand 
Over the past 3 years, our world has been in the midst of COVID-19 crisis. The outbreak has affected many businesses and industries, but after the situation began to improve, even though the overall economy has not yet fully recovered, investors are beginning to prepare money and look for their key base. Land in industrial estate is starting to become a destination for investors who plan to drop the pin again. In 2022, there has been a movement of many industries that seemed to be in line with the government’s investment promotion policy. The industry that will drive the economy is S-Curve industry.

In Thailand, S-Curve business is divided into 2 groups. The first group is called First S-Curve, which has 5 categories: 1. Smart electronics industry; 2. Agriculture and biotechnology industry; 3. Modern automotive industry; 4. Food processing industry; and 5. Affluent, medical and wellness tourism industry. These groups have invested in key industrial estates in Thailand and expanded business growth along the S-Curve, but as time goes by, the slowdown in expansion towards the end has led to the need to develop new business. Some groups are able to do so while others just let it stay that way. The group that has developed a new cycle is called new S-Curve group, which is business of the future that drops a pin and waits for the next phase of growth, with important supporting factor being consumers who want to use more cutting-edge technology. The up and coming business of the future is industry that focuses on technological innovation, having 5 categories as follows: 1. Robotics industry; 2. Aviation and logistics industry; 3. Digital industry; 4. Biofuel and biochemical industry; and 5. Comprehensive healthcare industry.

First S-Curve has started to invest in new ventures specializing in these 5 business categories and being notable in technology. It will be interesting to see how this New S-Curve will be a new driver of Thai economy for long-term progress, but we will at least begin to see increased investment in industrial estates along with increased employment of workers in industrial sector.

What type of industrial estate that will support investment by S-Curve business?
This up and coming S-Curve business has brought business opportunities for industrial estates with potential growth expansion based on new investment of future businesses. In 2023, industrial estates are likely to have additional investment from a number of new industries. However, the development of industrial estates must meet the needs of investors. When new businesses coming in for investment are notable in terms of innovation and high technology, the industrial estates should adjust towards the same direction such as in 304 Industrial Park, modern production technology and logistics system have been implemented, and infrastructure and public utilities have been set up to support the investors.

Besides focusing on meeting the needs of New S-Curve investors as seen in this example of area development in 304 Industrial Estate, when looking at the potential of its location, it can be seen that this industrial estate is located nearby automotive part and electronic component production facility, which can be easily connected with New S-Curve industries. In addition, this industrial estate is also located in the center of transportation, and 304 Industrial Park has its land spreading across Prachinburi Province and Chachoengsao Province, which are close to Bangkok, the country’s capital and business hub. More importantly, this industrial estate is located in the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) where business operation from Thailand can be easily connected to Cambodia and Vietnam, and is considered as one of supporting factors for business expansion to Indochina. Thus, it is not surprising that the listings of land for sale in 304 Industrial Park will gain attention from investors during this period of time.

Concept for development of environmentally friendly industrial estates
Although New S-Curve focuses on investing in innovation and cutting edge technology but sustainable business operation still relies on environmentally friendly practices because certain modern industries have increased chances to create an impact on the balance of nature. Therefore, 304 Industrial Park has designed environmentally friendly area under the concept of Eco Industrial Town, and operates in accordance with ISO 14001: environmental management standards, and tries to campaign and ensure that investors coming in will become aware of joint responsibility for the environment and community.

Amidst the present changes, business operation should not become stagnant, and if any entrepreneurs are looking for an area with high potential, or find where the land in industrial estate with good location is available for sale, then they should not hesitate to look for more information and step out into a new way of New S-Curve that will lead to future success.