304 Industrial Park (Chachoengsao)

304 Industrial Park (Chachoengsao), Thailand

Key Highlights

After the success of “304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi)”, work began on a sister project “304 Industrial Park (Chachoengsao)”. This industrial park has been developed around the Eco Industrial Town philosophy in 2001. It covers 6,000 Rai of land in the province of Chachoengsao, offering investors the valuable tax advantages according to Free Trade Zone.

The site also offers scope for expansion and is conveniently located on a major by-pass for an easy access to Laem Chabang Seaport.

A Golden Location for Investment

  • Free Trade Zone offered for the most preferable tax advantages
  • Close proximity to land, sea and air transportation facilities, such as Suvarnabhumi airport and Laem Chabang seaport
  • Developed under the Eco Industrial Town philosophy that addresses concerns about the environment and the community
  • A variety of accommodations available for managements and staffs
  • Capacity to accommodate large-scale industrial expansion, without creating problems associated with overcrowding

General Information

Year Established 2001
Registered Capital 595 Million Baht


Total Project Area
6,000 Rai
Project Area (Phase 1) 1,000 Rai
General Area 300    Rai
Free Trade Area 48      Rai


Electrical Resources
Own power plant with a capacity of 50 megawatts with supplementary emergency power reserves from the Provincial Electricity Authority
Water Resources Water reservoir with a capacity of 6 million cubic meters

Situated on a major by-pass, 304 Industrial Park (Chachoengsao) offers convenient connections to the following locations:


Distance (kilometers)

Bangkok 110
Suvarnabhumi Airport 80
Laem Chabang Seaport 100
Bangkok Seaport 120
Maptaphut Seaport 130
Pattaya (Bay) 120
Nakorn Ratchasima (labour source) 190
Ladkrabang Warehouse 75

Free Trade Zone Privileges

  • Import duty exemption apply for
    1. Machinery, equipments, tools and appliances including all spare parts to be used for industrial purposes, commercial purposes, or any other purposes that would benefit the economy of the country approved by the deputy of the Thai Customs Department
    2. Imported items come into the country and transferred to the Duty Free Zone for industrial purposes, commercial purposes, or any other purposes that would benefit the economy of the country
    3. Other imported items released from other duty free zone
  • Export duty emption for item released from duty free zone for exporting purpose
  • Value added tax exemption for imported items brought into duty free zone
  • Apply 0% for VAT calculation when bringing domestic items into duty free zone, exclusively for items with export duty or exempted export duty according to the Thai Customs Law
  • Exemption of Excise Tax for importing and manufacturing taking place in duty free zone
  • Exemption of Liquor Tax, stamp duty and other fees in accordance with the law of liquor, tobacco and gambling for importing and manufacturing taking place in the Duty Free Zone
  • Imported items or domestic raw materials, which are brought into duty free zone for manufacturing, mixing, packaging, etc. with the purpose of exporting the final product out of the Kingdom, are allowed not to abide by the law of standard quality control or quality certification or any other stamps requirement
  • Those items eligible for duty exemption or refund when export out of the Kingdom will also get duty exemption or refund when brought into duty free zone as same as when export these items out of the kingdom
  • Any items brought out of the duty free zone for domestic use or trade or transfer to parole warehouse or merchandise to an importer according to act 19 of the act of parliament on customs department (9th edition) , year 1939, or those eligible for duty exemption according to the law of tariff or other laws, are considered importing into the Kingdom or completely imported when such items are relocated out of the free duty zone
  • Any items in the Duty Free Zone being used for consumption or for other benefits beyond the purposes set for duty free zone establishment are considered relocating such items out of duty free zone for domestic use or trade as same as the definition stated in the previous condition except for the relocation with an intension of elimination the damaged items or out of use items, taking place in the area of duty free zone approved by the deputy of the Thai Customs Department
  • Released items from duty free zone for importing into the kingdom are required to pay for tax, rate for tariff calculation based on the physical condition of such items and real time tariff rate as of the date when the items are released out of duty free zone will be applied. In case of bringing the existing domestic items, which are not eligible for duty exemption or refund, into the duty free zone, tax calculation is not needed for cost of such items.

Master Layout

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Power Supply

  • On-site power generation of up to 50 Megawatts with distribution to all factories in 304 Industrial Park (Chachoengsao) plus additional capacity of 50 Megawatts from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
  • Prevention of power shortages with 24-hours emergency electricity supported by the Provincial Electricity Authority
Power Supply

Water Supply

  • Water reservoir with a capacity of 6 million cubic meters
  • Effective water management system to ensure supplies during extended periods of drought
  • Clean tap water filtration plant with a production capacity of 24,000 cubic meters/day
Water Supply

Waste Water Treatment System

  • Zero-Discharge Water Treatment System with biological applications
  • Treated, recycled water used for green spaces to protect the surrounding environment from contamination.
  • Legally compliant waste management system developed with the cooperation of government organizations



Road Network

  • Main roads constructed from standardized reinforced concrete to a width of 28 meters (4 lanes) and secondary roads to a width of 14 meters (2 lanes)
  • Flood prevention through the incorporation of a V-ditch drainage pipe

Soil Quality

  • One of 304 Industrial Park’s most prominent feature lies in its soil quality. The soil is comprised of brown sediments capable of bearing 20-60 tons per meter, affording the ability to withstand the weight of buildings and heavy machinery. Through this construction costs are reduced by as much as 20%.
 Security System

Security System

  • CCTV cameras located site-wide
  • Security guard fortification at the main entrance and crossing area within the industrial zone
  • Traffic control service from the police station of Srimahaphote district
Fire Safety System

Fire Safety System

  • 24-hour service fire station located within the site
  • Installment of high-pressure pipe around the site for connection to fire hoses