304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi)

304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi), Thailand

Key Highlights

General Information

Year Established
Registered Capital 830 Million Baht


Total Project Area
19,000 Rai
Saleable Area 3,200   Rai


Electrical Resources
Own power plant with capacity of 893 megawatts with supplementary emergency power reserves from the Provincial Electricity Authority
Water Resources Man-made  reservoir with capacity of 40 million cubic meters on 2,100 Rai of land

304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi) is located on the either sides of 3079 road which is directly connected to 304 road providing fast and convenient links for land, sea and air transportation.

Distances to strategic locations are as follows:


Distance (kilometers)

Bangkok 140
Suvarnabhumi Airport 110
Laem Chabang Seaport 130
Bangkok Seaport 150
Maptaphut Seaport 160
Pattaya (Bay) 150
Nakorn Ratchasima (labour Source) 160
Ladkrabang Warehouse 105

A Golden Location for Investment

  • Located at the transportation hub with well-developed road network to Laem Chabang deep seaport, Suvarnabhumi airport, and other strategic locations
  • Close to the large labour resource zone (the North-Eastern territory)
  • Situated on high ground at 14 - 21 meters above sea level along with certified drainage system, worried-free from the danger of flooding.
  • A high level of on-site infrastructure, with water and electricity systems ready to supply all kinds of business and industries at every scale.
  • Up to 20% lower construction costs thanks to the high-density soil
  • A variety of accommodations available for managements and staffs
  • Availability of commercials zone and recreation facilities for living

Master Layout

  • Prachinburi

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  • 304 Industrial Park 7 Phase 3
  • 304 Industrial Park 7 Phase 5



Power Supply

  • On-site power plants with production capability of 893 megawatts for the provision of electricity to all factories in 304 Industrial Park
  • Prevention of power shortages with 24-hours emergency electricity supported by the Provincial Electricity Authority
Water Supply

Water Supply

  • Man-made reservoir with capacity of 40 million cubic meters, unlimited supply for large scale manufacturing and water intensive type of industry
  • Effective water management system with large water storage facilities for dry season
  • 2 Water filtration zones with tap water production capacity of 320,000 cubic meters/ day
Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System

  • Effective Waste Water Treatment Plants with capacity 175,800 cubic meter per day
  • Zero-Discharge Water Treatment System with biological applications
  • Treated, recycled water used for green spaces to protect the surrounding environment from contamination.
  • Legally compliant waste management system developed with the cooperation of government organizations



Road Network

  • Main roads constructed from standardized reinforced concrete to a width of 28 meters (4 lanes) and secondary roads to a width of 14 meters (2 lanes)
  • Flood prevention through the incorporation of a V-ditch drainage pipe

Soil Quality

  • One of 304 Industrial Park’s most prominent feature lies in its soil quality. The soil is comprised of brown sediments capable of bearing 20-60 tons square meter affording the ability to withstand the weight of buildings and heavy machinery. Through this construction costs are reduced by as much as 20%.
>Soil Quality

Security System

  • CCTV cameras located site-wide
  • Security guard fortification at the main entrance and crossing area within the industrial park
  • Traffic control service from the police station of Srimahaphote district
Fire Safety System

Fire Safety System

  • 24-hour service fire station located within the site
  • Installment of high-pressure pipe around the site for connection to fire hoses

Ready Built Factory for Rent

  • 304IP 304property
  • Ready Built Factory for Rent

    We offer the ready built factory with land for rent at 304 Industrial Park in Prachinburi province. Our ready built factory is a premium industrial property which is meticulously designed with high standard materials to provide comprehensive infrastructure and utilities, constructed on the high land and flood free zone, and ensured to speed the start-up period and lower initial cost for the investors.

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